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Klinch is a team of financial technology startup founders, designers, and marketers.
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Finance is being eaten by technology at an accelerating rate.

As technologists who understand finance, we are pushing this trend forward because we have seen that changing how money works has a large impact on the health and happiness of people and the natural world.


Walter sifts through thousands of investors, pulling data from 10 sources including AngelList and CrunchBase. It finds the investors that match your business, ranks these investors on 15 dimensions of compatibility, and gives you a pre-populated list of the best investors. Your list is always growing and automatically updates.  With Walter, you instantly find the right investor prospects and you don’t waste time and money on the wrong ones.

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Walkmore transforms the way in which banking and credit work by making data science accessible to financial institutions of any size, replacing the need for expensive enterprise solutions. Walkmore’s standalone solutions usher a revolution in consumer finance predictive analytics by providing quick actionable insights into customer financial behavior from physical activity data. The result so far? Across their financial institution customers: 15% less loan delinquency, 1% more loans issued, 10% increased revenues.

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